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Qurban is an Arabic word which may be translated as sacrifice. As a religous practice, it was started by Prophet Abraham by the commandment of Allah SWT.  In Islam, the practice of Qurban is celebrated in commemoration of Prophet Abraham's renowned act of obedience to the commandment of God to sacrifice his own son but which was later replaced by a ram by His mercy.


Qurban is performed during the Haj season in the first three days of the Eidul Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) and the animals allowed for Qurban are goat, sheep, cow, buffalo or camel.

Aidiladha will soon be upon us (10 July 2021) and Al Abdul Razak Mosque is pleased to announce that we are among the mosques in Singapore for Jemaah to make their Qurban bookings starting today, 17 May 2022. 

Sacrifices will be made in Australia and the frozen meat will be flown to Singapore. No meat pick-up will be held this year at Masjid Al Abdul Razal and Qurban prices are inclusive of delivery.

The Qurban meat distribution is scheduled between 14th to 20th Jul to Sohibu Kurban and 16th to 24th Jul for zakat beneficiaries. 


To make your bookings, please follow the steps below.

1. Click on the QR code displayed on the poster.
2. Select Al Abdul Razak from the drop -down menu.
3. State the name of the participant under 'Sohibul Korban'
4. Select the required portion of meat which is 1/3, 2/3, Full or None.
5. Click on the MAKE PAYMENT icon
6. You can choose to use SINGPASS to enter your details or click on REGISTER MANUALLY to enter your address and shipping details.
7. If you wish to make booking and payment in person, you can do so at our MAAR Office during our office hours 10.00 am to 6.00 pm


Closing date for registration is 1 July 2022.

Thank you for your support and contribution. May Allah SWT accept your deeds and reward you abundantly. Insya Allah and Aamiin


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Scan QR Code to Book

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