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Essentials of Islam

Do you know what the study of Tasawwuf, Tawhid and Fiqh entail? How does it relate to the life and personal development of a Muslim youth?

Do you have questions about Islam but you’re not quite sure who to ask? Maybe you feel you need to ask someone a little closer to your age group because you grew up in a world that’s quite different from your parents’?

Join Ustaz Syed Abdul Rahman every Saturday; 2.30pm at Masjid Al Abdul Razak as he answers your questions while going through the Essentials of Islamic knowledge with you.

The class is curated for youth ages from 15 - 26.

There is no registration fee. Just register your attendance via our online form, bring yourself and your questions.



Just a reminder; do bring your own prayer mat should you wish to perform your congregational prayers in the masjid.

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