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Purification of Our Wealth and Soul Through Zakat

Zakat, is one of the pillars of Islam, after the recitation of shahadah, performing the solat, fasting in Ramadan and performing the pilgrimage. In the Qur‘an, Zakat is mentioned 32 times which proves the importance of this pillar for every Muslim.

Zakat refers to the determined share of wealth prescribed by Allah SWT, to be distributed to eight groups of beneficiaries (asnaf). It is a form of worship (ibadah) in term of wealth.

The word zakat literally means 'to purify,' and a tawakkul Muslim believes that paying zakat purifies, increases, and blesses the rest of their wealth. He also believes that in his charity, Allah SWT will replace what he gives with much more. Insya Allah. From a community point of view, zakat helps to elevate the society's status for a better life,, assist those in need and also instill a caring society. As such, zakat purifies not only our soul (for being compassionate) but also our wealth (as we spend our wealth for the sake of Allah SWT).

Allah SWT mentioned in holy Qur‘an, Surah At-Tawbah verse 103: “Take, [O Prophet Muhammad], from their wealth a charity by which you purify them and cause them increase, and invoke [Allah’s blessings] upon them. And Allah is Most Hearing and Most Knowing.”

Zakat Fitrah & Zakat Harta (Zakat on Wealth)

Zakat Fitrah

Zakat Fitrah was decreed in the second year of Hijrah and the same year Ramadan was made compulsory for every Muslim. It is to be paid by every Muslim, both men and women in the month of Ramadan anytime during the month and before Eid’s prayer.

In Singapore, the Zakat Fitrah for 2022 set by MUIS are S$5.10 (normal rate) and S$7.60 (higher rate) per person. Muslims can make their payments at our local mosques including at Masjid Al Abdul Razak, the MUIS website or AXS machines.

Those required to pay Zakat Fitrah must:

  • Be a Muslim

  • Possesses a commodity such as cash or food in excess of his and his family needs.

  • Observe both periods of end of Ramadan and beginning of Syawal. Those who passed on before sunset or born after sunset on the night before first of Syawal, are exempted from paying Zakat Fitrah.

Zakat on Wealth

Conditions of those for fulfilling Zakat on Wealth (Zakat Harta) include :

  • He has to be a Muslim

  • He possesses the minimum amount of wealth according to the nisab

  • He possesses the wealth for the minimum haul or period, estimated to be about 355 days.

  • He has full ownership of the wealth such as savings, investments in shares/stocks/bonds, insurance, gold, and businesses. Zakat is not payable on asset that is not accessible such as CPF monies.

Muslims are to give zakat of 2.5% of the value of all their assets and wealth.

Allah (SWT) permits Zakat to be spent to eight different categories as listed. They are eight groups of beneficiaries (asnaf) :

  1. The poor (fakir), meaning those who do not have any possession or no means at all to sustain his daily needs.

  2. The needy (miskin), meaning someone who is in difficulty and has insufficient means to meet his daili needs.

  3. Zakat administrators or Amil

  4. Muallaf, meaning those who have embraced Islam.

  5. Captives of riqab. in Singapore, they refer to those who needs assistance in their education.

  6. A person who is in debt or gharimin and needs assistance to meet his/her basic needs

  7. In the cause of God or fisabilillah

  8. The wayfarer or ibnusabil meaning those who are stranded or traveling with few resources.

Zakat is an obligatory charity that Muslims must perform once a year for the sake of Allah if they meet the qualifications. Sadaqah while is not compulsory are highly rewarded deeds to accomplish during a Muslim's lifetime. In Islam, charity, whether mandatory or optional, is a highly esteemed deed that is considered to cleanse a Muslim's wealth.

Ramadan is a month of supplications and deeds are multiplied abundantly. Take this opportunity to give your zakat to those in need and increase your rewards in dunia and akhirah. Insha’Allah.

======================================================================= Your Infaq contributions help greatly in sustaining our Da’wah and operational efforts.

To make a contribution of any amount:

1. PayNow UEN S65MQ0004G

2. Bank Transfer - OCBC Business A/C 581-65191-6001

3. Cheque payment to "LPM Al Abdul Razak"

Thank you for helping us serve you.

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1 Comment

Azhari Alwie
Azhari Alwie
Apr 25, 2022

Every single Asnaf deserves a part of our Zakat. Mosques and religious institutions can help ensure that everyone gets their share. Quoted from the blog :

"in his charity, Allah SWT will replace what he gives with much more" That's a beautiful promise from Allah! Insya Allah!

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